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Dinda Putri Astuti

Dinda Putri Astuti

I really like being in speaking 2 together with my friends and together with coach Limbad. And I hope someday can meet again with all of you. You are my second family in the village of english. I hope after we meet again you’ve become a successful person. I was fortunate to have met you although at the begganning of each other awkwardly, but from time we are getting closer and as a famaly.

You remember when we went to Jogja? It was the first time I travel that I think is very far away without my parents. You give an outstanding experience and memorize of a very beautiful guys, especially when we again do chores, bullying each other.

I think I’ll miss you, miss silliness, childish of you, you chatter, everything I will definitely miss. And about you coach, the first time you make me afraid. Confused me at the first presentation but often you get used to make comfottable. Thank you coach for everything coach.

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